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Some selected writings
If customers say, “Your prices are too high”, just LEAVE!

In this article, I share how to come with the correct pricing for your service or product.

Six reasons on why Community-driven AI is the key to impact Entrepreneurs

In this article, I show why and how ML products can be built through community for sustainability.

AI use cases for the banking sector: beyond chatbots

In this article, I say that banks should look beyond data and focus on creating value to get the best from artificial intelligence.

The Potential of Communities and Machine Learning for Good

In this article, I share how communities can come together to solve major problems using Machine Learning. I give an example of a project I am working on to share the experience.

Tips for successful adoption of Machine Learning

In this article I share how companies can build successful products with Machine Learning. This article was trending at hacker news and is #1 article in google on 'successful adoption machine learning'.

"Great article. I think this article identifies the root of the problem with Machine Learning"

- Comment at Hacker News

"Really like this article" 

Sean McPheat, Chief Executive Officer - MTD Training Group

Want to grow sales? Stop cold emailing. Start prospecting.

I share how a company primarily B2B businesses can greatly improve their international new sales development process.

"There is a great perspective here for anyone who prospects for new business"

- Mike Weinberg, author of Amazon #1 bestsellers book, New Sales Simplified

"Anyone in a sales development role should take a look"

- Cory Bray, Author of The Sales Enablement Playbook

Machine Learning helping banks become customer-centric rock stars

Steps banks should take if they want to use machine learning to attract, retain and better serve their customers.

"Great piece Rudradeb. Thanks for sharing"

- Pedro Cardoso, Senior MD, Standard Chatered

Predicting buying behavior using Machine Learning

In this article, I share how can Machine Learning help in modeling and predicting human buying behavior?

"MBA course type lesson"

- Sylvia Hoizey, Consultant

Understanding human behaviour in 5 countries

How to build trust, how and with whom to initiate the communication, and how to negotiate. This article is an attempt to answer those questions.

"Take a look. Experience talking"

- Alexander Stoyanov, Sales Director

"This is a gem of am article rudra...very informative for people like us"

The future of work in blockchain era

Imagine a world where no matter where you are born or live, if you are talented you get equal access to work and opportunities as anyone else living in any other part of the world.

"This is a very interesting article, Blockchains are bringing back the ancient bartering and exchange of value"

Machine Learning bringing a new era in the Energy sector: Distributed, abundant, and clean power for all

Imagine a future where energy is cheap, clean and abundant for all. Where each home or building is self-sufficient for energy. This article shares the way Machine Learning can help achieve that future.

- Arindam Kundu, Solutions Architecht

Five important lessons on Growth Hacking

This article I define what is growth hacking and how to achieve growth.

"Such great takeaways here! Thanks for sharing!"

"A very interesting article"

New sales development for 8 tech companies: 5 common mistakes

I realize that most of the companies I interacted with make the same mistakes that I did running the sales development. This article shares those insights and how to fix them.

"thanks for sharing such a valuable information "

"Very helpful"

2000% user growth in 4 weeks, spending $0. What happened?

I share my experience on how I managed to achieve massive growth of user without spending any money.

"Great article on how to leverage Quora"

- Will Bunker, Growth X VC fund, Founded largest dating site of 90's