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Some Testimonials

I can just say this was one of the most down to earth and great talk about AI, which I heard in the last year! Great and practical examples were shown by Rudradeb Mitra.

Thank you for your powerful speech!

Really enjoyed your presentation and your perspective on machine learning.

Truly inspiring. Very few people talk about adoption in all this tech hype.

Great piece Rudradeb. Thanks for sharing.

Pedro Cardoso, Senior MD, Standard Chatered

the best and the most disruptive presentation today

- Bogumil Kloc, Vice President, Deutsche Bank

There is a great perspective here for anyone who prospects for new business

Mike Weinberg, author of Amazon #1 bestsellers book, New Sales Simplified

Approach to solving real-time issues, great vision. We need more people like you. More power.

Anyone in a sales development role should take a look

Cory Bray, Author of The Sales Enablement Playbook

Thank you for your speech. It was simple and thought-provoking!

Shwetha Anand, Phd student

Moving thoughts and a great idea. Thank you for sharing it.

Arindam Kundu, Solutions Architect

Take a look. Experience talking

Alexander Stoyanov, Sales Director

This is a gem of am article rudra...very informative for people like us

A very interesting article

Tatiana Stepanova, Markets & Strategies

Great article on how to leverage Quora

Will Bunker, Growth X VC fund, Founded largest dating site of 90's

Really like this article.

Sean McPheat, Chief Executive Officer - MTD Training Group

MBA course type lesson

- Sylvia Hoizey, Consultant