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Selected Research Publications
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  • Edwards P, Reid R, Chorley A, Hielkema F, Mitra R, Pignotti E.: Using the Social Semantic Web to SupporteSocial Sciences.  Proceedings of Association for Advancement of Artificial Intelligence Spring Symposia, 2009, Stanford, USA




  • Mitra R & Basak J: Methods of Case Adaptation: a Survey, International Journal of Intelligent systems, 2005.




  • Mitra R., Angheluta R., Jeuniaux P. and Moens M.F.: Progressive fuzzy clustering algorithm for Noun Phrase Coreference Resolution,  In Proc of the 4'th Dutch-Belgian Information Retrieval Workshop, 2003, Amsterdam. 



  • Mitra R and Chatterjee N: MUPPA: An improvement of Graphplan Algorithm for Planning in Real-World Applications.  4th International Conference of Knowledge-Based Computer Systems-2002, Mumbai, India.




  • Angeluta R, Mitra R, et.al: Summarization System,  In DUC Workshop Papers and Agenda, (pp. 53-60), 2004, Boston.




  • Marien M, Mitra R, Denecker M.:  Satisfiability Algorithms for PC(ID), International Conf. on Logic for Programming Artificial Intelligence and Reasoning, Jamaica, 2005.




  • Mariën M, Mitra R, Denecker M, and Bruynooghe M: Satisfiability checking for PC(ID), Department of Computer Science, K.U.Leuven, Report CW 426, Leuven, BelgiumOctober 2005.




  • Angheluta R, Jeuniax P, Mitra R, and Moens M.-F: Clustering Algorithms for Noun Phrase Coreference Resolution.  7th Internationales d'Analysestatistique des Donnes Textuelles, (pp. 60-70), 2004, Belgium.




  • Moens M.-F., Jeuniaux, P., Angheluta, R. & Mitra, R.: Measuring Aboutness of an Entity in a Text, Textgraphs: Graph-based Algorithms for Natural Language Processing. East Stroudsburg: ACL, 2006.  

  • M.F. Moens, Jeuniax P, Angheluta R, Mitra R.:
    Measuring Aboutness of an Entity in a Text, Workshop on TextGraphs, HLT-NAACL 2006, pages 25-28, New York City, June 2006.