• Rudradeb Mitra

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"This book can transform your vision on how you can even imagine building or make smarter things."

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Table of Contents





Section 1: Why do we need Artificial Intelligence?   

Chapter 1: Introduction 

Chapter 2: Understanding Strengths and Limitations of Human Decision Making Process


Section 2: How can Artificial Intelligence enhance our lives and society? 

Chapter 3: Understanding Strengths and Limitations of Machine Learning Algorithms 

Chapter 4: Combining Human Intelligence and Machine Learning to Solve Real-World Problems    

Section 3: How to Develop real-world Intelligent Products?    

Chapter 5: Developing Intelligent Products 

Chapter 6: Four Use Cases from Four Sectors    




Section 4: How can we Overcome some of the Challenges?    

Chapter 7:  Overcoming Challenges with Gathering the Data

Chapter 8: Overcoming Challenges with Developing Intelligent Products    


Chapter 9: Overcoming Challenges with User Adoption    




Section 5: Conclusion     

Chapter 10: Future of Intelligent Products 

Chapter 11: Final Conclusion