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Cutting the hype and Solving real-world problems.

Sharing experiences to inspire.

"Approach to solving real-world issues, great vision."

- Himanshu Soni

"Truly inspiring. Very few people talk about adoption in all this  hype."

- Magdalena Sidorowicz


Speaker, Writer, Entrepreneur, and Mentor

Rudradeb is a graduate from University of Cambridge, UK who has built six startups in four countries. His primary interest is to build products with social value. He is also a mentor of Google Launchpad and a senior AI advisor of EFMA Banking group.

"Approach to solving real-time issues, great vision."

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Rudradeb is an avid writer, who has written over 35 articles on AI, Machine Learning, growth, sales, and startups. Some of his articles have been critically acclaimed. His articles have been viewed over 70,000 views and 5000+ likes/shares/comments. 

"MBA course type lesson" - Sylvia Hoizey

"A piece of gold" - Rafal Sevilla

Rudradeb has been invited to speak at over 60 events from 21 countries. His talks are about sharing his experiences on growing various startups and building products in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

"Thank you for your powerful speech!- Anastasiia Kolosiuk

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Rudradeb mentors various startups around the world. He is also a mentor of Google Launchpad, WeWork Labs, Impact Hub Zurich, MIT Enterprise and Founders Institute. 

"One of the most inspiring humans I met" - Anita Jovic



As an entrepreneur, he has built 6 tech startups (one with multi-million dollars in profits). Four of them failed and he is proud of the learnings from them. He has built those companies in 4 countries, lived in 9 countries and worked with companies from over 30 countries.



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